Nick Fay Weddings is a Minneapolis based wedding photography company specializing in documentation and portraiture through candid and timeless imagery. Available locally and worldwide. 

When I talk about my journey with photography, I find myself repeatedly saying, “photography found me.” Over the years, this has become more and more apparent for me. I wasn’t obsessed with cameras from a young age or overly excited about photography in general, but I have always been interested in traveling and meeting people. After spending much time traveling in college and after, I began to realize that my passion in life was making intimate connections with people and understanding a person; knowing them deeply. Thereafter, I continued to explore the world, this time clutching a camera in order to share the experiences that were profound to me. I became inexorably interested in photographing people, places, and moments - documenting them for what they were. Soon after, I began photographing weddings and have since applied this same frame of mind. It is nothing short of amazing that I get to make intimate connections with people on one of the most important days of their lives, all the while being able to create authentic imagery. What I do is truly a privilege.